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Aneeta sashless windows are a modern alternative to traditional openable windows. Sashless windows are a double hung system that feature two moving panes of counterbalanced glass, without the bulk of a timber or aluminium sash frame surrounding the glass. This provides the best-uninterrupted view in opening window design available today. The windows open at both the top and bottom with one easy motion to provide perfect rotational ventilation.

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Aneeta Window Systems have developed a patented sashless slider which has been tested to 1000Pa Wind and Water penetration in both domestic and commercial applications. Also we have a combined Acoustic test results up to STC45.
Our standard type Sashless Sliders are tested to a minimum 300Pa rating. When specifying a Sashless Slider you should insist on a maximum glass overlap between 70mm - 100mm and a written 300Pa wind and water rating.
This is very important to ensure you get the highest rated products available in the market place for the same competitive price. Combine this with friendly service and first rate technical expertise, why would you consider anything else!?

"They may look the same, however, always insist on the best, Aneeta"