Aneeta Window Systems Operating & Maintenance Manual

The Aneeta operating and maintenance manual should be referred to in conjunction with the company warranty statement.

Prior to the Aneeta sashless window project being completed and handed over, it is the builder/developers responsibility to ensure the window frames and doors are installed to meet the wind loading and human impact safety glazing requirements of the AS1288. If the sashless window or any of the sashless window components cease to operate correctly, do not operate the sashless window. Contact your nearest Aneeta office for technician to inspect.

The appropriate care and maintenance of your Aneeta sashless windows will enable you to maintain them in excellent condition and increase the lifecycle of the product.
Regular operation and maintenance of the Aneeta sashless windows is a condition of the Aneeta warranty. In coastal areas the maintenance needs to be performed every 6 months.

On the completion of each project by the sub-contractor installers engaged by Aneeta, the sub-contractor operates and inspects each individual window for any issues. Once this process is complete the sub-contractor signs off the job as complete. It is recommended that a client inspection be carried out at the time of completion of the installation by the subcontractor. All clients should complete further inspections every 12 months following. 
For more harsh areas such as coastal areas and bushfire prone areas (BAL29 and above) the inspections should be carried out every 6 months.
* Ensure all panes operate in a smooth and free manner.
* Ensure all seals are in place and clean.
* Ensure all handles and locks are operational, clean and in place.

All tracks are to be sprayed with silicon spray on installation. The tracks should be sprayed every 12 months an standard areas and every 6 months in harsh area such as coastal and bushfire prone areas (BAL29 and above).

Lock Maintenance:
The lock has been manufactured for lifetime maintenance free purposes. Should you require to replace the barrel or key please contact your nearest Aneeta office to arrange the service call. All service calls are charged at the appropriate rate.

Glass Maintenance/Cleaning/Protection:
Apply mild soap, mild detergent or commercial solvent. Care must be taken to avoid solvent contact with glazing sealants or other materials that may be affected by certain solvents. It is imperative that the solvent or detergent manufacturers directions and warnings be followed at all times.
The glass surface should be cleaned immediately with generous amounts of clean water removing the cleaning solution from the glass. never should a "blade", "scraper", or similar tool be used on the glass surface. Under no circumstances should harsh cleaners or alkaline materials be used on the glass.
Remove the water from the glass surface using a squeegee or clean dry cloth. If necessary, these steps may need to be repeated.
Once installed and prior to hand over of the site by the builder/developer all sashless windows need to have all surfaces protected from brick cleaning acid, mortar, plaster etc. If any surface is affected please wash away any spillage immediately or permanent damage may result thus voiding any warranty.
Prior to operation carefully remove acrylic lap seal and clean away all dust and rubble to avoid scratching the glass.

All exposed timbers should be sealed within 31 days after installation with a minimum of one undercoat layer of paint. If staining is required, use a clean water based repellent. this is only a temporary protection during construction.

Clean all visible aluminium with a soft cloth and remove grime and dirt from internal tracking systems with a clean cloth and spray with silicon spray. This process should be repeated every 6 to 12 months depending on the severity of the region of location.