The servery style sashless windows are in a similar form to older style windows whereby a single pane moves independently by being counterbalanced to weights.  This provides a window system that allows a large opening to one side only (usually either top or bottom).


Window Variations

  • Provides a full 50% window opening space ideal for serving food, beveridges and the movement of goods.
  • Option to fix top, or bottom pane, with the other moving.
  • Bottom pane fixed can provide:
    - the building code requirement for egress on second stories and above
    - a barrier to animals
    - a control against sprinkler system water ingress
    - the height requirement for swimming pool fences.
    - a control of airflow to the centre section and head of the window and not at floor level.

  • Also suitable for second and above storey applications
  • Excellent for food areas with access to kitchens, courtyards and balconies
  • Serving areas to the public such as ticket offices, canteens.
  • Popular in cafes and restaurants to give an indoor / outdoor feel

Aneeta Windows The Sashless Window
Aneeta Windows pride themselves on being innovators in sashless window systems. Please note many of our systems contain specific design elements and as such we protect our inventiveness by obtaining worldwide patents and design protection where possible.