Aneeta Windows are often installed in new architecturally designed homes, however, they provide a perfect alternative choice when renovating older homes.  Typically these projects involve maintaining the period look of the house from the front but modernizing and opening up the rear extension, a style which our window is perfectly suited.

Our retrofit / replacement service involves the removal of old sashes / fixed glass and updating them with sashless inserts installed into the existing original frames with minimal modification.

To quote;
"It has changed the look of my home.  From the outside everything looks so much cleaner, and the features, such as the columns between the windows are now more visible.  At night I walk into the lounge room and the view over the water makes each window look like a framed picture as the sashless windows don’t spoil the view" (Home Owner)

Window Variations

  • Lower cost as original frames can be retained, and only the sashes are replaced
  • Minimal disruption to existing homes
  • No re-bricking / rendering needed as is typical with complete window frame removal
  • No brick cutting dust
  • Can usually be done within one day – no openings left unsecured overnight
  • A much better window system

  • Where original designs lack ventilation, replace fixed panes with sashless windows.
  • Replace old rotted timber sashes, maintain the original main frame and install a sashless window.
  • Upgrade existing single glazed glass with an Aneeta Windows double glazed system for increased energy efficient windows.

Aneeta Windows – The Sashless Window
Aneeta Windows pride themselves on being innovators in sashless window systems. Please note many of our systems contain specific design elements and as such we protect our inventiveness by obtaining worldwide patents and design protection where possible.