The government is introducing a minimum level of thermal insulation that a new house must comply to, this has been defined as a 'star rating' with the minimum being 5 stars.

Note - this is a rating for the house as a whole, and can be met by a number of ways. Options include improving window types, adding roof and wall insulation, applying shading to windows using eaves, using better construction materials, and orientating the house to maximise its energy requirements (ie shading windows from the hot summer sun, but allowing them to catch winter sun to help warm up the house).

The window industry has followed this by introducing a scheme whereby windows will also be given a star rating.  Generally there are 2 star ratings one for how well the windows will help keep a house cool (cooling stars) and keep a house warm (heating stars).

To cut out the suns rays we can offer special tinted glass such as grey tint, evergreen, or comfort-plus glass (cooling stars).

To keep a house warm we can offer double glazing (our standard is 4mm glass / 8mm airspace / 4mm glass). Double glazing can also have clear or tinted glass or low-e glass (very high performance) and the airspace can either be filled with air or to give even better performance argon gas can be used (heating stars).

Aneeta has many different models to offer to help improve a buildings overall star rating.

  • Single Glazed versions that will give a 3 star rating for cooling and a 2 star for heating.
  • Double Glazed versions that will give a 4 star rating for cooling and a 4 star for heating.

NOTE - a house can still achieve a 5 star rating with only 1 star rated windows installed, so our products above 1 star are an aid to designers / builders and consumers alike to achieve both the regulatory requirements and to create a more comfortable living environment.

You can access Aneeta windows WERS results through the attached PDF download.

aneeta WERS ratings.pdf

aneeta WERS ratings Thermaglide in Futureline frames.pdf