Air ventilation and security when specifying doors is an area where Aneeta Windows is able to provide a solution for the architect, specifier and home owner.

By fitting a sashless window system directly into the door, the door may be locked, providing the security and the sashless window can be locked in the partially opened position to provide the ventilation requirement.

This system dismisses the requirement of having a separate fly/insect door as the fly screen is easily attached over the sashless window insert. This one door system is extremely popular and Aneeta Windows now complete full apartment projects where each bedroom has a sashless window insert in the door.

Window Variations

  • An opening window in a door
  • Easy to attach a  fly screen over the sashless unit
  • Doors kept locked at night
  • Provides ventilation in a secure door system
  • No flapping of doors in the wind
  • No need for a separate fly door (saves room and money)
  • Very slim line - fits in many standard timber 38mm thick and commercial grade aluminum doors without modification

  • Suitable for hinged, sliding and bi-folding doors
  • Able to provide ventilation in French door sets where no other ventilation is available (i.e. bedrooms)
  • Install in one leaf of bi-folding door sets so ventilation can be gained without opening any doors
  • Laundry doors (ventilate that drier!)

Aneeta Windows The Sashless Window
Aneeta Windows pride themselves on being innovators in sashless window systems. Please note many of our systems contain specific design elements and as such we protect our inventiveness by obtaining worldwide patents and design protection where possible.