Aneeta Windows developed the 3 pane sashless window to satisfy possible egress requirements on multi-story projects while maintaining the floor to ceiling sashless look.

Window Variations

  • Available in top, middle or bottom fixed pane.
  • No horizontal transom in the viewing area requirement
  • Bottom pane fixed can provide:
    - the building code requirement for egress on second stories and above.
    - a barrier to animals.
    - a control against sprinkler system water ingress.
    - the height requirement for swimming pool fences.
    - control of airflow to the centre section and head of the window and not at floor level.

  • Commonly used in second story and above applications in residential, commercial and apartment projects.

Aneeta Windows The Sashless Window
Aneeta Windows pride themselves on being innovators in sashless window systems. Please note many of our systems contain specific design elements and as such we protect our inventiveness by obtaining worldwide patents and design protection where possible.