The Aneeta Windows 2 pane sashless window has become a “standard” type of window specified in new and renovation housing and commercial projects. The market is becoming increasingly aware of the unique features and cost effectiveness of the product, resulting in an increase of brand awareness, recall and installations Australia wide.

Window Variations

  • Aneeta Windows number one selling and cost effective window.
  • Our sashless systems provide the maximum viewing area possible.
  • An opening window system that looks like fixed glass.
  • Available in raked and/or arched heads and/or sills.
  • 2 position locking systems for the majority of the configurations- partially open and fully closed.
  • Sleek looking window that doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetics of the dwelling.
  • Counterbalanced system provides an easy to operate/open window. Perfect for aged care facilities.
  • Simple mechanisms provide a low or no maintenance requirement.
  • Tested to the requirements of Australian standard AS2047.
  • 6mm glass maximum height: 4500mm – toughened glass.
  • 6mm glass maximum width: 1200mm – toughened glass.
  • 10mm glass maximum height: Contact Aneeta Windows.
  • 10mm glass maximum width: Contact Aneeta Windows.
  • Minimum width down to 250mm.
  • Versions available for very high exposure applications (3000pa wind loads, up to 1000pa water loads)

  • An alternative to traditional windows in residential / commercial applications.
  • Architectually specified to provide “house lots” of sashless windows, removing the requirement to mix and match.
  • Suitable for new homes, apartments, schools, restaurants, cafes, age facilities, renovations and retrofits.

Aneeta Windows – The Sashless Window
Aneeta Windows pride themselves on being innovators in sashless window systems. Please note many of our systems contain specific design elements and as such we protect our inventiveness by obtaining worldwide patents and design protection where possible.